Procyon is a character costume in the StrikeForce Kitty series, based on Tony Tony Chopper from the One Piece manga and anime series.

StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand

This cosplay can be obtained by defeating a random raccoon wearing the same cosplay. If successful, it can be found on one of the hangers of the SKLS Melee "Melee" category.

StrikeForce Kitty League

SKL ChopperC

Cat wearing cosplay of Chopper

SKL ChopperR

Raccoon wearing a cosplay of Chopper

Chopper, like many cosplay sets in previous games, appears by chance in the main menu of StrikeForce Kitty League, worn by either the cat or the raccoon who are fighting in an "arena". However, this cosplay is unobtainable in gameplay.

StrikeForce Kitty (Steam version)

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"Procyon" is part of Hat Team.

Part Effect Image
Head 2 speed, 22 health
Torso 33 health, 4 strength
Weapon none

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