StrikeForce Kitty is a side-scrolling game in which you have to gather costumes and defeat the Foxking and rescue the cat princess.

You can play the game here:

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Fish countEdit

  • Yellow - 1 fish
  • Light yellow- 5 fishes
  • Blue - 10 fishes
  • Green - 20 fishes
  • Purple - 30 fishes
  • Red - 50 fishes

Note: The light yellow-colored fish is dropped by a defeated fox in the first level, while the green-colored in third, and the purple in the fourth.

Milk countEdit

  • Milk bottle - ?? seconds
  • Milk carton - ?? seconds

Keys and ChestsEdit

A key sometimes appear on one of the levels, each appearance is different by the level your cats run on.

After a run, if you get key(s), you will be directed to the chests interface where you can use the key(s) to open chest(s). Chests have a chance to have a piece of a costume inside added to your collection, or it's empty.


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  • Foxzilla
    • He can shoot out a big bean of purple light to attack you. Each 2 damage.
  • Foxbazer
    • It will shoot out two little fireballs, one do 3 damage and the other does 1.
  • Prison
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  • Fox King
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Costumes listEdit

See the Costumes article.


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