"Hairdresser" is a character costume in the StrikeForce Kitty series, based on Bill Dauterive from the King of the Hill cartoon series.

Bill is a barber in the series.

StrikeForce Kitty 2

The fox wearing the "Hairdresser " costume can be found on level 15 with "Pickup-master" near the end of the level. The parts can be obtained by defeating the fox multiple times or using lottery tickets.

The set has three pieces and consists of: hair, clothes, and scissors and comb. "Hairdresser" does SK2melee melee damage, and its passive ability is that after a level, 20% of the fish collected in a level is added to the final fish count.

Part Effect Image
Head 11 speed, 9 health
Torso 13 health, 7 strength
Weapon 11 strength, 6 speed

StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand


Bill in Last Stand

"Hairdresser" is a costume that can be obtained from defeated raccoons in StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand, look on pages in the "Melee" category.

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