"Flamefox" is an artifact costume in the StrikeForce Kitty series, based on Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode form.

StrikeForce Kitty 2

"artifact 14" can be equipped to a kitten that wears the "Fox" cosplay. "Flamefox" does SK2melee melee damage and has the same set ability as its predecessor.

"Flamefox" adds 13 strength, 13 health, and 12 speed to that kitten, for a total of 19 strength, 19 health, and 16 speed, from "Fox".

StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand


"Flamefox" in Last Stand

"Flamefox", with the orbs removed, is a cosplay that can be obtained from defeated raccoons in StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand, look on pages in the "Melee" category.

StrikeForce Kitty League


Costume card

SKL S30b League

The re-made "Flamefox" cosplay in StrikeForce Kitty League is based on Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode. This can be obtained by defeating San Raccoon Spurs a few times in the Shark Division until it's acquired or by buying it by chance at the store for 800 fishes.

Wearing the cosplay gives the kitten the ability to perform an uppercut, dealing 45 damage to a single opponent.

Note: It is unknown whether this cosplay is a re-make of the original "Flamefox", as StrikeForce Kitty League sometimes has the original "Flamefox" in the main menu screen.

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